Anuschka Wenzlawski

Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet
Sometimes sober, sometimes poetic
Sometimes picturesque, sometimes graphic
Sometimes amusing, sometimes thoughtful
..... always new perspectives from the here and now

Curiosity and the joy of discovering poetic to bizarre moments are driving her, the photo artist
Anuschka Wenzlawski. Her motifs chase the
Cologne citizen (now since August 2018 living
in Bonn) most
of the time in the urban area and lay therefor many kilometers on foot back.
There are never set scenes that she scans. She neither adds nor removes anything.
She acts as a contemporary and documents the moment in his environment.

The compositions of the works reflect the concern of the artist,
to give the eye of the beholder
a soothing feeling of order
and equilibrium. Many of her photographs show graphic elements,
while other pictorial compositions are almost picturesque. Sometimes more, sometimes less, she
uses the possibilities of image processing. For example, to reinforce a captured mood or
certain forms.

Anuschka Wenzlawski moves between the opposites of the glaring provocative and the withdrawn
inconspicuous. She can be impressed, touched, and still retain her free and independent gaze in the
restlessly and hectic short-lively city.



"There are masons and sculptors. The first do put one stone on the other until the house is built;

the other cut out all the unnecessary stone until the sculpture, they had in their mind, is visible to others.

Anuschka Wenzlawski is one of the second group, she is a “sculptor of light”.

Her art consists of omission, in order to make the basic clear."

Harald Hagedorn (EinZweiBlicke, Bad Laasphe)